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What Every Company Ought to Know about Ambassador Style Recruiting

As the initial human point of contact for an employer brand, recruiters have to become ambassadors on the frontlines of the talent recruitment process. In today’s highly competitive digitally connected world, recruiters can no longer post positions on job boards and hope the job description alone reels in top candidates. Candidates are seeking a greater level of engagement through the entire process as they assess their next job opportunity, so it is imperative that recruiters venture out into uncharted waters and adopt this new brand ambassador mindset.

The presentation looks at what constitutes a successful brand ambassador in the recruiting process, and how this process should deliver a highly enjoyable candidate experience in a consistent, reliable and trustworthy manner that entices and excites the right talent.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Help recruiters understand how to become ambassadors for your organization
  • Adopt the brand ambassador mindset to improve your candidate’s experience and build the future of your recruiting process
  • Provide an even greater impact to improve your quality of hire

The result….better hires, lower turnover, a positive culture where employees are increasingly engaged and highly productive – all contributing factors to a higher bottom line for the organization.

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What Every Company Ought to Know about Ambassador Style Recruiting