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Webinar - Tackling the Top 3 Recruiting Challenges amid the Impact of COVID-19

Date: Thursday, May 14th at 2:00 pm EST

A lot has changed over the past few weeks from recruiting to interviewing to onboarding. In some sectors recruiting just came to complete a standstill, while in others it may have just surged with unprecedented growth.

If you’re one of the companies still hiring amid the pandemic, you’re likely going about it in a new way. From where you’re looking for talent to the interview and onboarding process, social distancing is impacting recruiting in many ways, and just how much will depend on your industry.

If you’re one of the companies where recruiting is on hold, for now, this can be an opportune time to look at ways you can enhance your recruiting and onboarding processes to get ahead and adjust for what comes next in your business when hiring resumes.

During this free webinar, we will examine the top 3 recruiting challenges that apply to the sectors that continue to hire and those that are not and how each is dealing with a unique set of challenges. We’ll offer tips and suggestions for how to address these challenges for both the short and long-term in this new recruiting landscape.

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